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Turquoise Therapies is a mobile service, bringing acupuncture, aromatherapy and massage therapy direct to you, offering you the chance to experience the treatments you need in the comfort of your own home.


Take the opportunity to relax and revitalise your tired and aching muscles, and maybe help to restore and maintain your physical well-being.

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Turquoise Therapies
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The busy and hectic path our modern lifestyles take us along, often means our bodies are neglected or ignored.  Today’s world bombards us with technology from every angle, leaving our minds heavy and burdened with little space left to think about our bodies.  This strain and tension creeps slowly into every fibre of our bodies, causing the aches and pains we tend to take for granted.


Studies have shown that mental and physical health are closely linked.  Feeling relaxed and unstressed are important factors in maintaining a healthy immune system, therefore helping to maintain good physical health.


So even if you think there is nothing wrong with you, let yourself be treated and cared for with a treatment designed specifically for your needs, and allow the stress of your busy life drift away.

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