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As one of the longest established forms of healthcare in the world, acupuncture is a safe, natural and holistic form of healing.  A treatment involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body, with the aim to help the body balance and restore its Qi, or vital energy.


Treatments focus on you as an individual, not your illness, and all symptoms are seen in relation to each other.  Therefore after a detailed consultation covering every aspect of your health and lifestyle, specific points are chosen with the aim to direct the flow of Qi to trigger your body’s healing response and restore your physical, emotional and mental equilibrium.


What does acupuncture feel like?

Lots of people new to acupuncture often ask if it hurts.  As the needles are so fine most people don’t feel them being inserted, although it is normal to feel a mild tingle or dull ache as the needle is adjusted to direct Qi.  A deep relaxation with a sense of peace is often experienced while the needles are in place and this can continue after they are removed.


Are there any side effects?

A small bruise can occasionally appear at a needle site and people can sometimes feel dizzy or tired after a treatment, although this passes quickly.


What are the benefits of acupuncture?

Many people ask what acupuncture can treat and help with.  People often have acupuncture to help with a wide range of common health problems.  These can include specific aches and pains such as lower back pain, osteoarthritis of the knee and headaches, but also many gynaecological concerns and other common health conditions, as well as mental and emotional wellbeing.  Many people seek out acupuncture when they feel that they are out of balance but have no specific diagnosis.  As acupuncture is thought to help activate the body’s own ability to heal itself, the accumulative effect of this treatment is very beneficial and preventative treatments are useful in keeping in optimum health and for your general wellbeing.


The BAcC has details of many health conditions, problems and symptoms, with a wealth of evidence-based clinical research investigating the use of acupuncture.


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